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The game with the living, real dealers have their own characteristics. You need a fairly fast internet connection. To display images, occurring in real time without going brakes must be connected to at least 256 kbit / s. This is not a problem now, and every Internet provider provides a much greater speed than specified now. If the speed is lower, which is almost impossible, since very little is left of these connections, you can still have time to bet on, but the game itself will not be as exciting and acronym.

We advise you to pay attention to that in the Live Casino Betting slightly higher than usual in the online game. In the game with live croupiers minimum bet is $ 0.5 (in the game of roulette) and $ 5 (in the game of blackjack.) So, before you enter the game, we advise you to top up your game account to get pleasure from the process.

Today, modern technology allows us to feel a sense of excitement, of involvement in the game without leaving the walls of their home or office. In order to communicate with the dealer to take part in the game, to get the money there is no need to look for a casino in the city. You get a real feel of the game with real, live dealer online.

To your attention is always professional dealers who have extensive experience in the industry. If the online casino games is the presence of a live dealer, it is a reflection of reliability, high level of institutions. The richer, wealthier casino, the higher his reputation. Consequently, there is a possibility of cheating players. There are people who do not believe and generator UCX (random number). In Live casino like distrust eliminated.  To try your hand at Live Casino, you need to go to the site that supports the service. It also kept a variety of bonuses, high-quality software. The site is the presence of the necessary licenses for the game. Devote your time good play with a professional dealer-girl.
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