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It is a new online bingo gaming platform of the People's dealer, tied to Micro game. On this site you can play some of the most popular gaming activities of the moment, such as access to sports betting, poker, scratch cards, the Lotto, casinos games and online bingo.

The marketing manager of the brand, Alessandro Did Nunn, said he was very pleased with the results, got a culmination of two years of intense work, who have allowed the development of a platform so complete, able to offer the popular game of Bingo online, alongside a wide selection of other pastimes, suitable for every type of user.

It is the answer to three different types of players, fans of poker, casino games and bingo, that by registering on a single site can have access to their favorite game or try them all. The technology partner, as was the case for people's Poker, Casino and People's People's Micro game Bingo is one of the most well-known software house to appreciate in the industry, and this represents a further guarantee of quality and safety for the players.

There is still much work to be done for the launch of the brand Magic Bet, to make it known, appreciated and then consolidate its presence in the Italian market, but the variety and quality of this site is definitely a point in its favor.

As for the People's Bingo, now also marked MB (Magic Bet) the offer is very interesting, as well as various virtual rooms where grapple with the popular game, they are in fact provided many chat games.

With a schedule that takes into account different types of players, such as those that connect mainly during the day, while those who play the night, or even those who are dedicated to Bingo only at the weekend.

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