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One such game is baccarat, which appeared not in France, not in Italy. This game is known since the Middle Ages, and it has a certain similarity to blackjack, it is necessary not only to dial 21 and 9 points. In addition to Black Jack distinguishes it is that the system of counting cards in it is not effective and does not provide a significant advantage to a player in front of the casino.

As well as the casino before the player, as do the rules are such as to make the chances of all sides equal. Even all the well-known system of Martingale, which implies a doubling of rates after a loss does not work here. More fascinating to play baccarat with partners. Here nobody will be accused of cheating, and the only hope for luck.

So, let's discuss how this highly addictive card game. In Backer Gold is provided to you to guess who will win - the dealer, the player or draw. Actually on this and wagering. In the condition of the game, as many of you probably have noticed, lies a little trick. If I made a bet that you win, you win if your turns out that I win. Thus, encounter a contradiction, who actually won. People with impeccable logical thinking can check it out on your own intelligence.

And while they are scratching their heads as this is possible, we Pared to the actual rates. In Baccarat Gold work the following bets. It is believed that betting on the banker the house edge is 1.05%. This however does not mean that the player is likely to lose than win. This rate coefficients, and not the possibility of winning. As for betting on a draw, there is a very high house edge of 15%.

Beginning of the game both players shall be issued two cards. The player with the total number of points from zero to five third card is issued, if the dealer has the same situation, he takes a card. In Baccarat Gold can be played on five points. If the dealer is gaining more points than the player, the dealer wins, but if the opposite is the player wins.

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