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The question is whether this technology is good enough. The latest online slots and other casino games have advanced graphics, often with animations. This is a lot to get transferred to a mobile , but without this you will not experience on a mobile casino to be good enough to attract players .

There is no player will sit watching old graphics or bad graphics, they will have the same exciting games on mobile as they are used to from your computer. This is a technical challenge which the new smart phones are able to meet.

There are good graphical interface and gaming technology on smart phones is advanced . Just think of the game candy crush and angry birds that are graphically demanding games which are very popular and well-functioning mobile phone.

The other problem that mobile casino meetings are connection problems . To play the different casino games must necessarily be a stable connection to the internet. This can be problematic occasionally as cellular not always as stable and reliable as another connection to the internet. It is miserable to win big and suddenly lose internet connection , such as most casinos neutralize the any gain .

This could be very problematic for casino for they will soon lose players if players find themselves losing premiums because of a poor Internet connection . Fortunately so goes the technological progress faster and faster even when it comes to cell phone technology. With 3G and 4G as the majority have a fast and stable network all the time. Revenues will increase, but the number of players with addiction problems may also increase. Casino is obviously keen to get as many new players and especially active players as possible.

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